A vegetarian kebab. A vebab.

but still I reach  to find a way

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Mon Amour 

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Harper Perennial doesn’t really welcome back Orphan Black as a collection of mystery paperbacks! Complete your collection with Volume One today!

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Anonymous: Hey, I didn't understand something from that younger/older storyline on Feminin/Feminin. Do you know what the younger girl was doing with her gf's socks in the last episode?


I interpreted it as the younger girl bringing “chaos” into the older woman’s ordered life … both literally and figuratively. When Celine is packing she says she has had a lot of experience packing which is why she is so efficient at it. Julie’s reaction is to appreciate it but also want to mess up some of Celine’s efficiency. While I don’t think Julie does it in an annoyed/spiteful way (more playful), I think this was a way to highlight their differences and perhaps problems in their relationship in the future. Celine constantly brings up her age difference and that she is more experienced than Julie and I don’t think it is something Julie appreciates. Julie messing up Celine’s socks was her way of saying life doesn’t have to be so ordered all the time, life is chaotic and we don’t have to “paint within the lines” just because we have experience. Shake Celine out of her habits with messy socks!

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orphan black + cards against humanity
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"Would you like to… to stay over? To sleep over? For what’s left of the night?"


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au: orphan black meets broad city

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Delphine Cormier: a summary

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au: orphan black meets broad city

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